We manufacture three main Product Ranges
for your packaging solutions

Commercial Cores
Our paperboard cores provide structural fortitude to items such as plastic wrap, paper towels, rolls of fabric, electrical wires and coin banks. Our sizes range from diameters of 14mm – 176mm and the height can be customized to the use of the product.

Composite Containers
Composite containers are attractive, functional and economical, making them extremely versatile in meeting today’s packaging requirements. They can be used and adapted for the storage of dry food, dry home spa products, toys & gifts as well as home and cottage industries among others. Our sizes range from diameters of 52mm – 176mm and the height can be customized to the use of the product.

Metal lip balm/camphor rub containers
Our metal lip balm containers come in small and medium sizes ranging from 10g-20g and are suitable for petroleum jelly based products and rubs.


Our commercial cores and composite containers can be adapted to suit the product presentation desired for your brand. From products such as tea bags, dry baking ingredients, powdered drinks to dry snacks and home spa ranges.

Our promotional containers can be adapted for product or company advertising, merchandising and corporate gifting while adding flair to your promotional campaigns.

Our wine and spirit containers can be branded and labelled for your range of wines, assorted liqueurs, champagnes, whiskeys, brandys and more.

Our gift containers can be adapted for a wide variety of gifts from corporate to personal and our minimum order is one unit. Spoil your clients or your loved ones with chocolates, wines & spirits, toys, gadgets and more. we can assist with your design and branding requirements.


Our body care containers can be used to store dry home spa products such as bath salts talcum powders, hair clips/brushes, perfumes and more.

Our containers can be adapted for use in various fields. We manufacture composite medical burn bins suitable for incineration after use