Our Journey

CirclePak (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1996 as a manufacturer of cores, specialty composite containers and metal lip balm/camphor rub containers.

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In 2017 CirclePak was restructured resulting in a new management team, shares offered to key personel as well as the establishment of a workers trust through which the workers own a percentage of the company.

Today CirclePak is the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly, biodegradable cores and specialty composite containers in Zimbabwe.

Our Team

We believe in taking extra care to ensure that every one of our containers is of the highest quality. Meet our dedicated team who help us to do just that.


Albert ‘Bertie’ Bondi

Managing Director

“With our creative input, we are determined and confident that we will be able to help you find the right packaging style, designed and manufactured to your needs, thereby complementing your valuable product and enhancing your sales.”

Tinashe Chitiyo


“We prioritise safety for our workers by ensuring our machinery meets the highest standard of safety for the operator. We also maintain product quality by sourcing the best raw materials. Our departments collaborate to maximise efficiency in managing our resources”

Tendayi J. Mukonda

Factory Manager

“Our containers can be used and adapted in a variety of ways to store dry foods, home spa products, wines and spirits. They can also be customized as personal or corporate gifts and branded stationary. Our process is semi-automated to accommodate a diverse staff compliment who each play their unique part to maximise productivity”

Amos T. Chidamoyo

Factory Maintenance Manager

“Equipped with our pressing capability, we have the flexibility and comprehensive knowledge to manufacture numerous closures and ends uniquely suited to meeting the desired image.”