Eco-friendly packaging is now a priority rather than a preference. With the rise of environmental crises such as unstable climate change consumers and manufacturers alike are becoming more conscious about what kind of effect they are making on the environment. So as consumers are leaning towards buying more environmentally friendly products, manufacturers, particularly those abroad, are beginning to make an effort to produce more Eco-friendly packaging. While the use of Eco-friendly packaging does seem to be more popular with manufacturing companies overseas, Zimbabwean manufacturers too can benefit from this growing trend, and here’s how.


Eco-friendly Packaging Will Set You Apart

As environmentally conscious consumers tend to be largely abroad, as a manufacturer in Zimbabwe you can use this to your advantage. Instead of waiting for the trend to get more popular before you start using Eco-friendly packaging for your products, you can do so now and get a head start in the domestic market. You can also use Eco-friendly packaging as a way to differentiate your products from all the other products on the market, which is always a great way to get more customers.


Eco-friendly Packaging is a Great Opportunity for Exports

As mentioned before, environmentally sustainable trends are more popular in overseas countries but that need not be a reason to forgo the manufacturing of Eco-friendly packaging in Zimbabwe. With exports being a priority in the Zimbabwe’s current government economic policy, manufacturing Eco-friendly packaging would provide a great opportunity to tap into the overseas market and export your products abroad.


Eco-friendly Packaging Contributes to Environmental Sustainability

The implementation of sustainable environmental management and better wastage disposal systems in Zimbabwe are one of the key changes that were called by the new government. You can also contribute to making environmental sustainability in Zimbabwe a reality. Eco-friendly packaging can be easily recycled and can be compostable. This can help reduce litter build up and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. B


Eco-friendly Packaging is Cost Effective

Eco-friendly packaging can be easily disposed and recycled which means that you can reduce the expenses that go into disposing any waste packaging you might have. It can also be repurposed and used in other creative ways, so instead of increasing the amount of funds that go to packaging, you can just buy once and save up for the future. This  can be a huge benefit as a manufacturing company in Zimbabwe.


Eco-friendly Packaging Can Contribute to your Brand Image

Positioning your brand as Eco-friendly has a positive effect on your company’s image. This can play a huge part in creating a positive impression of your company in the minds of not only your Zimbabwean consumers, but your export customers as well. Both consumers, especially those abroad are more likely to be consistent in engaging with your products and associating themselves with your company, if they are aware of your sustainable practices. This can also be an advantage when it comes to looking for foreign investment.


Eco-friendly Packaging Means More Customers

As Eco-friendly packaging can make a more positive impact on the environment, people feel more positive about buying products that can be recycled. This means that potential customers are more likely to purchase your products if they are aware that they are Eco-friendly. Your stance on environmental issues can be seen through your products.  It is this stance that could affect how the market  views your brand.


Eco-friendly Packaging is Eco-friendly

Aside from all the other ways in which you can benefit as a company from using Eco-friendly packaging, you must not forget that at the end of the day Eco-friendly packaging is just that – Eco-friendly. Production and manufacturing companies tend to play a large role in the destruction of the environment.  As a manufacturing company in Zimbabwe the smoke and carbon emission from the machinery you use can contribute to air pollution and carbon emissions. The litter and waste from your company can also contribute to the growth of land-fills in the country.  You can reduce the impact your company may have on both the country and the world’s environment. You can also be assured that your packaging can be diverted from landfills and be reused or recycled. So by prioritising the use of Eco-friendly packaging you will not only help your business but it will no doubt go a long way into preserving and sustaining the environment in Zimbabwe and the world.


At Circlepak, we specialise in manufacturing Eco-friendly, biodegradable composite packaging and paperboard cores that are functional, attractive and versatile. Not only will they provide the ideal storage place for your products, but they will ensure that at the end of the day you, your consumers and the environment are happy.