Metal containers are the ideal packaging for lip balms and vapour rubs. When it comes to storing your petroleum based products e.g. lip balms and rubs, you would do well to consider just what kind of packaging you would want to store them in. There are quite a few options to choose from there’s the twistable plastic tube, the plastic bottle or the circular metal container, all have their pros and cons.

But, although rubs and petroleum jelly products can be comfortably and effectively stored in plastic containers such as tubes and bottles, metal containers will have an even greater positive effect not only on your product and consumers, but on the environment as well.


Metal Containers are Eco-Friendly

As we are living in a world that is becoming more environmentally conscious, metal containers are most definitely the way to go. Unlike plastic containers, metal containers are more recyclable. They are far easier to clean than their plastic counterparts and thus can easily be reused and recycled after use.

The production process of metal containers is also environmentally friendly. According to the the manufacturing of metal containers makes use of fewer material and less energy than that of plastic or glass ones.

This means that as a company, you can be rest assured that your product’s packaging is not playing a role in harming the environment. Your conscientious consumers can also buy your petroleum jelly products or rubs with the knowledge that in doing so they can, later, contribute positively to the environment.


Metal Containers Preserve Product Quality

Making use of metal containers to store your products does not only have a positive impact on the environment, but it can also preserve the quality of your products, making them the ideal place to store your petroleum jelly based products and rubs.

Metal containers, unlike plastic containers, are also more effective in sheltering balms or rubs from slight temperature changes that may cause melting, or that can result in more natural products losing their natural properties. They can block and protect your products from harmful light rays that may have a similar effect on your petroleum jelly based products, balms and rubs.

In addition, metal containers can aid your product in maintaining its freshness and the strength of its scent and aroma.


Metal Containers are Functional and User Friendly

The compact nature of metal containers also makes them functional as they can be easily handled and fit comfortably in bags, pockets and purses. Their secure closures will ensure that your product will not spill and as the container is metal there is no danger of melting like there is with plastic ones.

This will ensure that your customers can use your product safely and make your product more user-friendly.


Metal Containers Add to Your Product’s Look

Metal containers can also be attractively decorated and their sizes can be customized. You can make use of this to set your product apart and help make your product stand out in the market.

So if you are looking for an ideal home for your petroleum jelly products, rubs or lips balms, metal containers are the way to go. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they are functional, attractive and will protect your product.


Here at Circlepak we manufacture metal containers that could serve as the ideal home for all your petroleum jelly based products and rubs. They come in medium and small sizes and will no doubt keep your product fresh and ensure that whatever you deliver is safe and of high quality.