There are several things to consider when choosing packaging for your product.The way in which you package your product has a greater impact on your business than you might think. Your packaging is a reflection of not only your brand  but the quality of your product as well. That is why when looking to sell your product or brand, the packaging you use must be carefully considered. The way in which you package your product can impact products sales and increase your bottom line and ultimately, it can determine how successful you will be as a business. So before you choose the packaging for your product and brand, here are 5 things to take into consideration.


  1. Is your packaging attractive?

When looking to effectively sell your product or brand, you must always look for ways in which you can attract customers to your brand and assure them of your product’s quality. The packaging you make use of plays a role in this. When packaging your product you want use material that is not only functional, but of high quality and attractive. That is why packaging that can branded and designed is a good consideration. You want to use packaging that will make your product or brand stand out. Customizable packaging can also play a part in helping to differentiate your brand from others on the shelf.


  1. Is your packaging protective?

Your packaging is not only what draws your customers to your product, but it is also what protects it. Products can be damaged during both the transportation and handling process. That is why, as a company, you must make use of high quality packaging that will keep your product safe. You do not want to suffer the added expense of paying for damaged goods. So, it is in your best interest to invest in packaging that is not only attractive, but durable and protective.


  1. Is your packaging eco-friendly?

Poor waste management in Zimbabwe and world over has contributed to landfills and if left unmanaged could contribute to environmental degradation. With this in mind, you would do well to consider the sustainability of your packaging.Making use of eco-friendly packaging will have a more positive effect on the environment that any else you might use. It is easily recyclable, compostable and can often be reused in other creative ways.

Aside from being environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly packaging can also be used in your branding as a way to differentiate your product. Making use of eco-friendly packaging can also expand your customer base and allow you to tap into the growing environmentally conscious market overseas.


  1. Is your packaging affordable?

Another thing to consider when packaging your brand or product is affordability. You need to ensure that the packaging you use will serve its desired purpose and be a worthwhile investment. There’s no use in purchasing packaging that is appealing but overly priced and breakable. So you would do well to invest in packaging material that is light and durable. Packaging that will not contribute to additional expenses during the shipping and storage process.


  1. Is your packaging user friendly?

When choosing your packaging you must keep in mind that at the end of the day, it is your consumers who will be making use of your product and brand. That is why when choosing your packaging you must consider whether it can be used easily. You want to sell a product in packaging that can be easily stored and handled. You must make use of packaging that is not only high quality but durable and functional, especially if your product will be stored in that packaging for long periods of time. At no point,do you want your consumers to be dissatisfied with your product or brand. To prevent this from happening, you must ensure that your packaging is user-friendly.

So when choosing your packaging be sure to consider whether it will be attractive, affordable and whether it will protect your product, be functional and environmentally friendly. This will ensure that your product or brand will stand out and increase its value to your customers.


At Circlepak we manufacture packaging that is not only eco-friendly but affordable and attractive. Our composite containers can be adapted to suit your desired product presentation and our biodegradable cores and metal containers are durable, functional and will no doubt enhance your product or brands look.